Explain your current situation to your five-years-ago self: Voyons-voir. What year is 5 years ago….ah yes its 2007 and your broke [self] was about to move to Paris for a semester. Well now you are in grad school, you went through some drama getting there, moved to Chicago, moved back home…and a hot mess ensued. But you made it to Georgetown so that means you graduated and are not a complete waste? A semester in France was cool for you, mostly you just drank and shook your booty a little too much, but you did get super close to your family overseas and that’s always important. You failed a class in France for poor attendance, so don’t even fight that shit…you be sleepy. Some crazy things happens in 2009, breaks up your balance, makes you feel a little embattled, weak, but believe me the pain gets easier and lighter. You will get an internship, its cool, they send you to France…then you get a job, its cool, it sends you to Bethesda. You make some poor choices with “men” also, not poor so to speak but you will definitely learn from them and these musings make you better, grounded, more knowledgeable about what it is you want. You get rid of some straggling “friends” so now your circle is tight like tight. Your heart is broken a couple of times, this happens between you and the same person over the course of about two years, you guys just can’t get it right but I don’t know how surprised you are about that. Probably not very. Yea, you will still be dealing with that pain :/ People keep saying life does indeed go on, I’m starting to believe them, maybe you don’t REALLY die from a broken heart and shit? I think you are going to make it through this maze, you have grown to be more honest, self-aware, and spiritual…You get to travel a lot, especially through Europe, and now you are actually moving to South Africa, this is big Kimou 🙂 I say all that to say this…keep doing what you are doing, you change, but thankfully you have stayed very much the same. Namaste.

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