These are some random shots of Ciara Small and I’s fall vacation to Florence and Chianti, Italy last November 🙂

I always have people asking me “OMG, how the hell can you afford to travel SO MUCH?”

  1. I do not spend all my days on lavish vacations (although it may sometimes seem like that on facebook :-/)
  2. I have a JOB, no kids, no credit cards, no car note, no mortgage, and no real bills…YET.
  3. I have a very strict budget that I follow every month, with emphasis on what goes in (and stays in!) to my savings account
  4. I am so busy with work, classes, and papers during the week, I hardly have time to eat out. I save lots by packing my lunch most of the time.
  5. I refuse to spend money getting into clubs, bars, or lounges in DC. NO.
  6. I limit my domestic trips, instead of spending hundreds going to Miami or Vegas, I just save and go somewhere outside the country.
  7. I shop at Goodwill’s and Salvation Armies most of the time and save a TON on clothing and accesories

So yea, I feel like if people lived more simply, reevaluated their expenditures every month, and made it a priority to see the world, traveling would become a bit more tangible.

Lata Hata’s 

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