3 Things that made me feel funny in the news today.

1. Laurent Gbago was handed over to the ICC for war crimes. Pause, pause, pause. Please, then the current President and his “troops” should be handed over as well for looting, theft, rape, killings…but I’m not one to gossip.This really makes me understand how dictators, tyrants, “strongmen”, are mostly created. Fabricated to meet the needs of the global elite. Not saying that crazies like Mugabe or Ahmadinejad are not low key legitimate terrorists, but damn it to hell if the Western Powers are not good at molding the public persona’s of foreign leaders to fall in line with their own national interests.

2. Thousands of Sub-Saharan African men and women being held in captivity in Libya for being “mercenaries” of Ghaddafi. SIGH. North Africans have some serious issues with color. I’m just saying, and yes, I’m generalizing. Ghaddafi had his issues, plastic surgery, bad dye jobs on his toupee, killing niggas, but he was a Pan African who believed in a united Africa, this led to resentment among many Libyans against Gaddafi’s shift away from the Arab world in favor of a stronger more united Africa. So now, those “black” Africans who were given residency through military or professional training programs in Libya, are seen as Ghaddafi loyalists who are now prisoners of the revolution.

3. Iran is about to blow us all up. Ok, maybe not ALLL of us, but most of you people. Hundreds of young Iranians attacked the British Embassy in Tehran, with rocks, fire bombs, and other third world shit. They did some serious damage. and despite the various international agreements to protect foreign Embassies and Consulates, this attack went on for a couple of hours. PAUSE. I don’ know about yall but this is a bit of an indicator that these niggas do not care. Meaning, they don’t care about your sanctions, your UN resolutions, and your threats…we are all going to die. And they are going to keep their nuclear “energy” program, why? Because you niggas in the US and Russia do not want to get rid of yours either, why should they trust any of you Westerners? Just playing devils advocate here, I think the Iranians are probably up to noooo good as well.

Anywho, I’m going to read some real news at mediatakeout and eat a twix bar.

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