A close friend/classmate of mine just had a great “Champagne and Cupcakes” house warming party for her new FABULOUS townhouse in DC. Ok seriously, WTF, this house was spectacular!! And she messed up and invited her relator, so anyone who knows me, knows for a fact that I was wrapping ole girl up with questions about home ownership, credit scores, and down payments! I just loved the idea of returning from Cape Town to a home, a dog, and a new and improved adult life.

It made me think (even more intensely than usual) about my own future and what the heck I want for my life. I’m moving to Africa in 10 days for half of a year. I will be back and needing to rebuild my whole situation, plant some roots, gain some much needed stability and create my own little corner in this world. Do I want to stay in DC? NYC? East Coast? No…not really. Of course I love Europe but finding a job there would be impossible. I feel displaced all the time, maybe my time away from this daily grind will help me make these decisions.

SIGH. Once again I am sucked into this deep cycle of self reflection. To be continued internet friends…

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