Today is Today!

My uncle, cousin, mother, and just about every member of my family welcomed me at the airport in Cote d’Ivoire on Tuesday and my uncle yells out in his best english TODAY IS TODAY!! when he sees me walk out of the gate.


Yes, welcome to Abidjan, where everyone speaks french and those who attempt to speak english put together the most out of place phrases.

Ways I knew I was in Africa:

1. It was hot as hell

2. One of my suitcases was ripped in the back indicating some negros working at the baggage claim stole some shit, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m missing though :/

3. The customs officer was ‘reading’ my passport upside down and kept asking me if I had already worn the clothes in my suitcase

4. You had to show proof of yellow fever immunizations to leave the airport, if you didn’t have it, no worries some sketchy African man in a white lab coat would administer the shot for you

5. Military officers stopping you at the side of the road to check your luggage, and not letting you leave until you give them money for their inconvenience

6. Customs officers did thorough and very slow inspections of my electronics while making super awkward eye contact with me indicating that they liked my laptop, iphone, camera, and kindle

7. Most airport employees wear no type of uniform, im guessing they just show up to work

Being back in Africa is honestly the most intense experience and the feeling never gets dull. I’m seriously blessed to be here with my family and friends and slow wireless. It’s amazing, there is no place I would ever want to be.

Anywho, I’m going to pack for a day trip tomorrow, I’m spending Christmas at the beach 🙂

Merry Christmas SUCKAS!!!! and Kwanzaa or whatever. I don’t discriminate

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