My newest statement necklace comes from a Congolese jewelry maker on one of the historically “coloured” beaches in Cape Town. It was about $30 (I know, way more than I spend on anything), but its so gorgeous and will look so breathtaking on a black dress 🙂 I love it, I will cherish this piece of work foreverrrrr.

Sidebar: I cringe every time a South African uses the word coloured, it will take some getting used to :/ (Of course the term colored does not mean black in South Africa, it refers to the mix of Indonesia, Malaysian, and Dutch that came to be in mid 1600’s when the Dutch colonizers began having babies with their slaves)

Thank you for your attention.

I love love love the beach, bodies of water in general make me feel nice and stuff. I think it is because I was born not far from a beach in Abidjan.

Anywho, when I was at my favorite beach in Cote d’Ivoire this past month I started collecting these beautiful white shells. Wellssss my mom knew a cool jewelry maker that made the shells into a necklace for me for like $5! I swear, you can get anything made in Africa for the price of a Cinnabon.

I’m just so happy that now I can wear an unforgettable piece of Cote d’Ivoire around my neck anytime 🙂 Jewelry is such a great souvenir of ones travels.

Ummm I need a round of applause, seriously. I HIKED my ass all the way to the top of the Cape of Good Hope today!!

That gym membership in Bethesda helped a sista out because I was actually in good enough shape to make it through the two hours of hiking up and down the mountainside.

It is one of the most moving scenes I have EVER EVER seen in my life. The pictures do it NO justice, it is where heaven and the ocean meet. Serious.

Went to one of Cape Town’s many GORGEOUS beaches today.


This one is called Clifton Beach, it was our first stop on my day long introductory tour of the Western Cape peninsula!! I must say, I am not one to usually go on guided tours when in a foreign country, but damn it to hell if this one was not the most interesting and breath taking tour on the planet.

Seriously internet friends, I know y’all are getting your tax return checks soon, use it to travel, memories will last longer than any material possession. I’m just saying.

My new crib in South Africa is da bomb (using all the 90’s slang). It’s amazing!!!! It’s sunny and airy, with an open concept, beautiful furniture, a garden, and outdoor sitting area, EVERYTHING I love in a home.

I was going to post more pictures of the place but I am too bust enjoying it 🙂 My roommate has arrived from Germany this afternoon, I have talked her into going to the beach with me. I like her already.

I have arrived in Cape Town internet friends! I got in yesterday after 30 hours of travling and its a beautiful city. I snapped this photo on my way to the store today. The view of this mountain is something I will never take for granted.

This will serve as a reminder to slow down and look up everyday. I am so happy.

Hellloooo internet friends.

I am in Dubai, its cold, its 8 in the morning, and I am truly disoriented. I flew from Abidjan to Accra, Ghana, then flew to Dubai and I will be here for a day. I really wanna sight see and things but I am tired. So tired. I am going to put my ass on stand by for an earlier flight to Cape Town.

I look a messy mess as yall can see, but oh well, I cant find my lip gloss and my sleeping pills are kicking in :/

Anywho, Just wanted to check in! I had an amazing month in Abidjan with my family and friends, but now its time to get back in that work mode, no playing games in South Africa, gotta get my professional life together!

Quotes from my African mother

“Your daddy is older than he tells you, we should count his teeth to find out his REAL age.”

“Every one thinks we look alike, you are prettier than me.”

“I’ve known you for a long time, aren’t you happy I am your mom? Say you are happy I am your mom.”

“Get away from my face with your street hands, I have no money for you”

“Have you ever had your head in a microwave? I have”

On my way from Washington to Abidjan I had a 10 hour layover in Paris, I usually hate freaking layovers but during this one I came in contact with my two favorite things in the city, french breakfast and Ciara Small.

When I landed in Paris, I ran out of the airport as quick as I could and took the train into the city to meet my boo for breakfast at her favorite restaurant, I looked a hot mess and it was cold and rainy but it was so worth it! Duh. We laughed and laughed and laughed and ate and disrupted the whole place with our loud conversation.

It was the best layover ever 🙂 I have a 20 hour layover in 2 weeks in Dubai on my way to South Africa, I have a feeling I may get arrested there. I’m just saying.

The beauties of being in Cote d’Ivoire include lounging on Assinie Beach pictured above during the weekends….the shitty part includes using an atm that doesnt give you any money back.

WTF, I’m mad as hell today, I go take my Bank of America card to a reputable bank in Abidjan (oh so I thought!) and to my SURPRISE, the atm gives me no money back but debits my account over $500.

So y’all know I went on a TIRADE to anyone who would listen about how Africa is so damn behind, that niggas can’t even get their banking systems right, I mean a sista went OFF.

Anyway doe, hopefully I can figure all that crap out, on a lighter note, I went to these cool clothing markets with my mom and cousine last week and got some really cute dresses for less than 50 cents each, I’ll take pictures and post soon.

Thank you for listening to my nonsense.