The great thing about living with an Australian law student is first I get to live vicariously through him and the amazing South African law classes he takes, but also he schools me on aspects of Australian culture and politics that I had never heard of before.

Anywho, Daniel invited me to the opening of a new exhibition of urban Australian Indigenous art. ‘Message Stick’ is sponsored by the Australian Government and will be touring the African continent this year. This piece called “Ungratefull” by Julie Downing is symbolic of Australia’s Stolen Generation.

Aboriginal children (up until the early 1970’s) were taken/ripped/stolen from their families: “Under a government policy that ran from 1910 to, unbelievably, 1971, as many as 1 in 10 of all Aboriginal children were removed from their families in an effort to “civilize” them by assimilation into white society.”

Imagine the damage.

Read more about the Stolen Generation here.

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