I am really into Frantz Fanon. HELLO, he was a master, a philosopher, a man who should be esteemed as highly as Jean Paul Sartre, and those other white dudes we gotta read in college. In his piece “The Fact of Blackness” he speaks about the psychology of oppression.

Fanon speaks in this piece of meeting this white french dude who was a war veteran and had had his leg amputated on a train in 1950’s Paris. The french guys says to him “resign yourself to your color the way I got used to my stump; we’re both victims.” Fanon reflects on the psychoanalytical cure that has been created for many blacks, the cure from our sorrow is to accept the realities of our victimhood as the inferior race. That this is the cure to our conditions of feeling inadequate, accept our skin color as a handicap, something we can’t help. We are victims, and the white mans guilt is all the apology we need to accept our place in society.

Fanon says no, we are not the problem, “they” are. We shall not “as masters…adopt the humility of a cripple.”

I know this sensationalized version of negritude or black consciousness seems far from our realities today, that these sentiments are dated and we may have moved away from slavery or colonialism. But rest assured, there are some self identified cripples walking through our world today that need to reject the cure of acceptance of our inferiority.

We as those annoying ass “black people trying to make a difference”, know another brother or sister who see their color as a handicap, a barrier from progression. What happens to these “cripples”? They become part of the self-fulfilling “ni**as aint sh*t” prophecy that our ancestors/fathers/mothers were taught hundred of years ago (or for some of us younger folks years/months/days ago).

Can we re-educate ourselves? I say that our true cure to feeling inferior is our history. We need another black-consciousness movement to sweep through the cities, the hoods, the projects at the pace of KONY 2012. The rich history of our ancestors reverberates across time and space, let us learn it and relinquish our handicaps to the oppressor and his lasting structures.

FANON 2012 Biko 2012 Du Bois 2012 Mandela 2012 Baldwin 2012 Angelou 2012 Garvey 2012 Sirleaf 2012 Collins 2012 hooks 2012 Nkrumah 2012 Obama 2012

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