Why March 20th was a good ass day (me pictured on said day feeling rather peaceful):

1. I woke up the sun was shining and I said “today is going to be a good ass day”

2. My hair was working so so well after months of being in protective styles

3. I wore African clothing that my tailer made for me in Cote d’Ivoire

4. We analyzed my favorite PHILOSOPHER Frantz Fanon in a way I had never understood him to be in my Intellectuals of the African Liberation Movement class

4. My group and I did a fantastic/inspiring/hate worthy presentation of the feminist movement and the importance of intersectionality after 4 days of hard work in my Gender and Transformation class

5. I got a call from my internship inviting me to go with some of the lawyers to a two day UN conference in the Eastern Cape

6. I had a very moving conversation with my roommate

7. I got drunk with some friends and danced to Rihanna et al. until 4:00am


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