Why March 28th was a good ass day:

1. I woke up to a direct deposit from the government for enough money to take my dream trip this June- Zanzibar->Tanzania->Kenya->Ethiopia! Your girl is going to backpack through East Africa 🙂

2. I interviewed various women in Cape Town about the rape and harassment they go through with police officers for a project at the Women’s Legal Center. It was mentally and emotionally challenging, but their stories were humbling and inspiring.

3. I went to a free concert in the city center where I drank wine, beer, DANCED like I was being tested, and discovered amazing artists like HHP and Allen Stone

4. Spoke to my cousins, my mom, and various loved ones

5. Turned 25 years old.

If someone had told me 5 years ago I would be spending my 25th birthday in Cape Town, I would have thought “who?”.

But here I am, living my day dreams.

Blessed and highly favored.

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