Photo: Paris, January 2011, taken by Ciara Small

Sooo I have a to do list for my 6 days in France:

1. Visit some thrift stores so I can buy a dress for my sister’s wedding

2. Not pass out at my sister’s wedding

3. Eat all the pain aux chocolates

4. Visit Chateau Rouge where all the Ivorians live, eat some real African food since apparently I can’t get any in Cape Town

5. Visit my favorite family members and try to hide from the other ones that I was in Paris (I have too many relatives)

6. Drink wine under the Eiffel Tower with Ciara Small

7. Write a paper for class (HA! we will see how this goes)

8. Not get caught stealing rides on the Metro

9. Visit the Musée du quai Branly, apparently its the best African Art museum in the city

10. Enjoy spring, since its freaking cold in south Africa now.

YES, now I must pack.

I’m obsessed with these. Purchased at Green Market Square in the city center of Cape Town for about $10.

I had purchased them for my aunt who is letting me stay with her in Paris this week, but I’m trifling so I’m keeping them.

“My paintings supersede my own conscious thoughts and I’m constantly playing an intellectual game of catch up with myself.”- Kajahl Benes

….The last photo is called “Going HAM in Babylon.” Genius.

“And if, for decades, fair-skinned women with Anglo-Saxon features are deemed “Most Beautiful” by a national publication, don’t we collectively, to some extent, absorb this information as truth? Even the black women on this list — Beyoncé and Halle Berry — have very light skin tones. Thick lips and wide noses — long considered “ugly” by the Western world — are excluded, thereby reinforcing the idea that they could never be “beautiful.”

-Dodai Stewart

Snapshots of Mozambique from the minibus.

I was completely useless in Mozambique because of my lack of even basic Portuguese. I mean I speak french and English well enough to get around in most African nations, but damn, what was a sista to do in a former Portuguese colony?

Nod and smile.

It was such a clear evening yesterday that you could see the mountains across the city. Every time I’m on campus and this happens it stops me in my tracks.

I’m in freaking South Africa.