Ok, I’m a real person again! After 9 days of living out of my backpack and sleeping in a couple different hotels and hostels, I have returned to my home with my shower, beauty products, and clean clothes.

Anywho! Before going to Swaziland my roommate and I stopped in Johannesburg for a day and went to the Apartheid Museum. A must if you are ever in South Africa. It was remarkable, whoever curated this museum deserves a raise and some accolades.

The museum spanned hundreds of years, and was a vivid snapshot of the how apartheid came to be, its implementation, its victims, and the process of reconciliation that emerged in the early 90’s.

Johannesburg was a really interesting city in and of itself. Not the mostly white, European metropolis of Cape Town, Johannesburg was more raw, more black, less polished. I could appreciate it.

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