When the roomie and I were planning our Easter trip we decided to stop by Swaziland, a little nation in between Johannesburg and Maputo, Mozambique. Seemed like a good place to see some wildlife before moving along to what we were really excited about which was Mozambique and its beaches.

Wells, Swaziland stole my damn heart. It is the most beautiful place, and we were lucky enough to do an overnight horseback riding trail through the hills and mountains of the santuary, spotting zebras, wilderbeasts, and impala’s along the way.

Yes, you read correctly, my city living, no nature liking self was on a horse. It was an experience to say the least lol. I had never ridden one before, but it was not too bad beside being super sore by the end, and having my horse start running for no reason which scared the poop out of me.

I will never forget the sights. Swaziland is a marvel, the purest form of beauty I’ve seen in ages. I will carry it with me forever. SERIOUSLY.

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