The lodge we stayed in in Tofo, Mozambique was missing some…color? I was one of two black GUESTS in the whole place. Everyone who was on vacation in the town were white folks. Europeans mostly.

We even made friends with a local DJ who owned a cool bar in town and he said I was the first “African-American” person he had seen on vacation there. IN SIX YEARS of living in the town.

What does this mean? That black Americans don’t venture far off the beaten path? What is it that allows white folks to be the supreme explorers of the world? It has to be more than money, is it confidence? It can’t be a lack of exposure to a map, a lack of education..can it? Are African Americans (I included since I am LITERALLY African-American) just not interested in traveling in this capacity? Paris yes, London sure, even South Africa, but to explore those crevices of the globe, why is there a failure to do so on the part of the African American?

I guess I would have never thought to visit Mozambique, or Swaziland without having been exposed to certain conversations or stories while here in south Africa. Maybe it is indeed about what you are exposed to as you construct your idea of the world.

Here I go generalizing again, let me stop.

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