Yea, so I didn’t leave Zanzibar, all the locals assured me that the political unrest was over (questionable, but shrugs).

Instead, I took a hour drive to Jambiani beach, it was beautiful and we were the only people on the damn beach. Three locals walking around, but that’s about it. NO ONE. It was a freaking spiritual experience seriously.

Anywho, I gotta go catch my ferry to Dar es Salaam. I’ll post pictures and more in depth descriptions when I can.

SIGH. I would come to Zanzibar during a potential revolution.

No worries, I am safe…for now. Ha! J/k, I will probably not stay as long as I had planned, I’ll take the ferry to Dar es Salaam tomorrow instead of Tuesday. Shit is getting real here.

“Mussa Juma, imam and one of the leaders of UAMSHO (Kiswahili for ‘revival’), an Islamic association for separation of Zanzibar from mainland Tanzania, was arrested at his mosque on Saturday.

This led to protests demanding his release….”-More on the story here

Internet friends, I am backpacking through East Africa! If someone gets an email about me being in a Ethiopian jail, it might not be a Nigerian scam for once. Seriously. That is all.

My favorite place to be in Cape Town is driving through the mountains towards Camps Bay Beach. Seriously.

We went to watch the sunset and have dinner, it was great times with people I’m going to miss very much.

Me and my Gender and Transformation Professor, Dr. Adelene Africa 🙂

My professors at the African Gender Institute at University of Cape Town have changed my construction of gender, African, and shoot my damn self.

As this semester comes to a close, I’m sad, I’m excited, I’m confused, but I feel so damn lucky that this even happened. In 2008, I found my way to the website for AGI and called my best friend and told her, “this is the place I need to be, women and Africa. Hello! I don’t know how, but I’m going to get there.” I still dont know how, but I got here and being, travling, and analyzing Africa, its women, its landscapes, its prejudices, I have literally been transformed.

If any of my internet friends feels that pull to get out and see the world, and be swallowed by another paradigm. Travel, leave, do it, shit will work out, the money, the logistical aspects can be handled. Trust, if my broke ass can make it here, y’all can too.

That is all.

Aya of Yop City!!! They are making a movie!!! 

Sooo, this is a series of “graphic novels” taking place in 1970’s Abidjan, specifically Yopougon, the craziest, busiest, loudest, most awesome neighborhood in Abidjan. The illustrations are beyond words amazing, seriously, they got Yopougon down! It’s written by an Ivorian woman who grew up in the Yop City and I am sooo proud of the fact that she is finally getting respect and being applauded for her awesome work.

Sigh, my future daughter will be reading this instead of Cinderella, and she will like it damn it.

I have not been into work in almost 2 weeks, I go in today and its a damn crazy…. i’ll explain…

So South Africa passed The Sexual Offenses Act in 2007, it changed shit for women and other “vulnerable people” completely. For example, before the act the definition of rape only involved a man penetrating a woman, which left out men raping men, and women raping other women with various objects. After the act though, the definition of rape become very much gender neutral.

The act also created the violation known as compelled rape, where if one person pushes another person to rape someone both those perv’s would be prosecuted for rape.

Anywho, I’m rambling, but this act broadened the scope of what sexual assault is, which is a huge feat in Africa. Now, this wonderful act was missing a huge part, it failed to include the consequent punishment for violators. As a result people charged with these offences may have the charges withdrawn and may even appeal their conviction.

Ok, so I say that to say this, it was nuts in the office, trying to put together the petition needed to appeal the desicion deeming this act virtually invalid. Sooo I went to drink free wine with my co-workers on top of a roof in the middle of Cape Town afterwards cause my eyes hurt from reading.

On the way I saw an amazing art gallery with amazing work inside. And thats all.


MAC in South Africa apparently has some special edition colors! And yesterday my Tatenda and I went make up shopping after our presentations on our last day of our Gender course 😦 

This color is called Heroine and it makes me feel like a darn lady.