Parisian Musings.

Finally in Paris.

1. Sat on my 10 hour flight from Cape Town to Dubai with a Spanish man who loved African women and thought I was a model…you can imagine how that went.

2. Sat indian style on the floor in the Dubai airport between an Iraqi car salesman and a Indonesian academic charging my laptop and speaking to Bank of America about unblocking my card so I could buy a damn Cinnabon

3. Sidebar: Why do airlines feed you so much on long flights, after hour 7 I couldn’t eat any more sandwiches or chicken meals

4. Arrived in Paris and had an Indian woman want to take photos with me, I thought she would just stand next to me but she grabbed me and hugged me so tight while her husband took the photos. WEIRD. Unfortunately, I’m used to this, its been happening to me more and more often. I think its my hair, Asians and South East Asians love my hair.

5. I took the metro into the city from the airport and realized how completely unprepared I was. I did not have my best friends address, I had no euros, I had no working phone.

6. Luckily I was able to stop a guy and who let me use his phone, and then he got me a french sim card so I could get in touch with my peoples. Yes, I played the damsel in distress and let a man save me due to my lack of planning. Judge me if you must.

7. Its cold and rainy in Paris

8. The presidential elections are happening this weekend, hopefully it goes well and Sarkozy loses. But hopefully the city stays quite with no strikes, cause I don’t have time, I’m here for 5 days and I need the metro and buses to be running normally.

9. I’m going to sleep.

10. My hair looks particularly good today. That is all.

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