I’m home! After almost 20 hours of flying, I just got back to Cape Town with a cold.

It was really hard flying, I was really uncomfortable. I couldnt even find a movie I wanted to watch. I started watching The Lion King, but then it got too real for me, I stopped it before Mufasa died, the scene where he was saving simba from the stampede of wildebeest was stressing me the heck out.

I did some reading for a paper due tomorrow, I yawned every 2 seconds (as seen in this photo), I gave a tissue to the blonde chick next to me who started crying out of nowhere, I wonder what her issue was. I watched the sunrise somewhere over Turkey. It was a looooong journey.

Nonetheless, its back to the grind of trying to finish up final assignments and papers before I leave for my East Africa trip in 2 weeks! EXCITING.

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