My sister in the damn struggle Brianna and I. She finally posted her photos from our time together in South Africa in March. I stole this pic from her facebook.

I just love my girlfriends, people are always telling me how awesome it is to have men as friends, and how I am missing out (I do not have many close male friends, well actually no straight male friends at all if you don’t count my current roommate).

Whatever, I like women way more than men most of the time, and will always work harder at cultivating good relationships with amazing women rather than men. Not that there are no amazing men in the world who would be open to being my platonic friend, but I guess I am never interested in friendships with men enough to pursue meeting and staying in touch with them, lol, this all sounds very anti-men. It’s not, I love men, I’m way too attracted to them, I just can’t seem to stay too interested in relationships with them unless they are romantic ones.

Is that odd? Its my life.

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