I have not been into work in almost 2 weeks, I go in today and its a damn crazy…. i’ll explain…

So South Africa passed The Sexual Offenses Act in 2007, it changed shit for women and other “vulnerable people” completely. For example, before the act the definition of rape only involved a man penetrating a woman, which left out men raping men, and women raping other women with various objects. After the act though, the definition of rape become very much gender neutral.

The act also created the violation known as compelled rape, where if one person pushes another person to rape someone both those perv’s would be prosecuted for rape.

Anywho, I’m rambling, but this act broadened the scope of what sexual assault is, which is a huge feat in Africa. Now, this wonderful act was missing a huge part, it failed to include the consequent punishment for violators. As a result people charged with these offences may have the charges withdrawn and may even appeal their conviction.

Ok, so I say that to say this, it was nuts in the office, trying to put together the petition needed to appeal the desicion deeming this act virtually invalid. Sooo I went to drink free wine with my co-workers on top of a roof in the middle of Cape Town afterwards cause my eyes hurt from reading.

On the way I saw an amazing art gallery with amazing work inside. And thats all.


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