Happy Mother’s Day Mommy! This lady has had me styling since ‘87, even in Cote d’Ivoire’s 90 degree weather. I sweat her existence (she’s the diva in the pink dress of course).

I have a crazy beautiful friend from Zimbabwe 🙂

She woke me up at 8am on a Saturday morning and we went to the other side of Cape Town and took pictures.

This Cape Town has been deemed irrelevant by most because it is not suitable for white middle class occupation.


Friday nights so crazy you wake up the next day in your whole outfit, shoes, jewlery, make up…hot mess. 

Also, I heard Nikki Minaj’s song Starships for the first time that night, I can get down to that. 

That is all. 

African women are those who metaphorically carry six mountains on their backs, these mountains represent the meanings emanating from our location in Africa with the accompanying history of interlocking oppressions in the burdens we carry.

Why today was a good ass day:

1. I finally finished my take home assignment for my gender course! Its about a week late, but my professor gave a sista an extension (I was in France, I couldn’t do any work..duh)..!!

2. It was a BEAUTIFUL day in Cape Town, seriously, gorgeous, I sat outside on our patio and typed my paper and was happy

3. I liked my hair, this blowout I got done in Paris is holding up!

4. Someone cool made time for me before leaving for a trip, it was nice 🙂

5. I ate crepes with cinnamon, sugar, and peaches with my boo aka my wonderful German roommate

6. I am happy.

My sister in the damn struggle Brianna and I. She finally posted her photos from our time together in South Africa in March. I stole this pic from her facebook.

I just love my girlfriends, people are always telling me how awesome it is to have men as friends, and how I am missing out (I do not have many close male friends, well actually no straight male friends at all if you don’t count my current roommate).

Whatever, I like women way more than men most of the time, and will always work harder at cultivating good relationships with amazing women rather than men. Not that there are no amazing men in the world who would be open to being my platonic friend, but I guess I am never interested in friendships with men enough to pursue meeting and staying in touch with them, lol, this all sounds very anti-men. It’s not, I love men, I’m way too attracted to them, I just can’t seem to stay too interested in relationships with them unless they are romantic ones.

Is that odd? Its my life.

Quotes, on quotes, on quotes.

“When I wake up in the morning, there is a background of recognition, certain forms of discourses, cultural identities, specific histories, both personal and collective connections and disconnections, capacities and limitations that confront me and work through me. This constitutes my identity as an African Woman.”-  Bibi Bakare-Yusuf

Is it Mothers Day?

Mommy: You didn’t meet your husband at the wedding?
Moi: No mother, keep praying for me, my Prince Charming is coming
Mommy: No one was looking at you? What did you do in Paris then? [SIGH] You need to get married
Moi: Ok
Mommy: No, you need to get married and have babies, listen to me, I’m your mommy
Moi: Ok, I have to go now, always a pleasure
Mommy: Ok, what time is it in South Africa? How are your white roommates? Don’t bother them, you know how white people get.
Moi: Point taken, I love you.

Me and my best friend on her wedding day.

I just needed to put this into the internet universe. This woman is amazing. I FEEL so badly for anyone who does not have the unbreakable connection and bond that Ciara and I have shared for the last 5 years 🙂

She has shaped the woman I am today, I don’t really know who I would be or where I would be without her, and I know the feeling is so so mutual. I love her to death and would take a bullet any day for this crazy, she completes me!! I am so happy she has found a man that DESERVES her beauty, intelligence, grace, and love, she is an angel on earth.

I adore her. Full stop.

If I could choose my favorite place in Paris, it would be the Marais district (on the line 1 of the metro stop: St. Paul).

It is where all the affordable thrift stores are, its has great food, and its just really French! cobblestone roads, outdoor cafes, old world alleyways, I just really like it 🙂

I am saving all my funds for my East Africa trip, but I did get to stop by one of my favorite thrift stores, and can you believe I found an authentic vintage MCM mini tote for 10 euros! HELLO, this would have been over a hundred dollars originally! I’m pressed.

Anywho, I’ve been asked by a couple of people to do a what to see/do/eat/buy in Paris post. I will, but I’m so damn lazy, and swamped with work. Maybe this weekend? Don’t hold me to it though.

That is all.

Ok, seriously, Parisian women (now including my boo Ciara) are the most stylish, elegant creatures. WTF. Coming from Cape Town to Paris, I felt like the biggest bum ever. I mean I do love me some Cape Town, but anyone who lives here can agree that this place is no style hub. 

More like a tacky mess, but look I’m not one to gossip. Anywho, I spotted this fantastic mother in Le Marais in Paris, and she blew my mind. HELLO, pumps, a graffiti LV bag, AND her kid strapped to the bike she was peddling. Too much. Loved it all. 

When Sarkozy lost the election on Sunday there was a HUGE celebration that lasted the whollle night at Place de la Bastille in the center of Paris. I mean people were drinking, dancing, and just acting a damn fool because the French had finally gotten rid of ole Sarko.

There were musicians, politicians, and even the new President and his girlfriend made an appearance around midnight, all tres cool. 

It was freezing that night, I’m guessing that is where my cold came from. Shame. BUT I am happy to have experienced such exciting events in such an amazing city.