I have returned from my dream trip through East Africa. I’m not sure what my body is up to but I have not been able to sleep despite being exhausted. Story of my life.

Anywho, I am soooo excited to share my photos, musings, inspirations, with you internet friends. This trip, shoot these last 6 months in Africa have changed my life. I remember being on the plane on December 20, 2011 praying that I spend the next 6 months falling in love. and I have, as I fell in love with the various landscapes and cultures of my continent I began to fall in love with the woman being shaped by these experiences. I would have never expected that traveling through, living, and breathing the continent of Africa would change me so profoundly, but it has, in ways I could never put into words.

I have three more days in my adoptive South Africa, this country has opened its arms to me and from my internship to the University I attended, I will never be able to repay what South Africa has given me. What my roommates have given me, what my classmates, co-workers, shoot the damn drunks on the street have given me something in this city that I will carry with me back to DC and further.

Next stop is Abidjan to spend a week with the love of my life, Mme. Kimou, my mommy 🙂 My family, my city.

Then its back to that DC grind, to my BEAUTIFUL friends, to my amazing brothers, to my new magical niece, to my bills, to Georgetown, to thesis proposals, to Chipotle, to TJ Maxx, to traffic on the inner, outer, and every loop, to Metro delays, to refusing to pay to get into Park and 14th, to DC niggas, to wine festivals in Maryland, to hiking in West Virginia, to my amazing church, to my PROPER closet, to high speed internet, to concerts at 9:30 club, to Mega-buses to NYC, to Goodwills, yes, yes I am getting excited 🙂

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