Zanzibar is an island next to mainland Tanzania, it is the most conservative place I have ever visited, to the point where there were barely any women on the streets. This of course made me uncomfortable because EVERY MAN ON THE ISLAND WAS STARING. I put that in caps to emphasis the degree of staring that was going on internet friends. THESE NEGROS WERE STARING. STARING. I mean my friend Melody and I walked around together most of the time, Melody is Chinese, and no one stared at her, but me, wow, you would have thought my broke ass was a celebrity.

Anywho in Zanzibar’s almost 90 degree weather my dumbass did not pack to be completely covered up on the majority Muslim island. So yea I had to improvise with my harem pants and trusty scarves.

On Day 2, I went on a Spice Tour, since Zanzibar is the Spice Island, growing cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, and other stuff I can’t remember. It was cool and they took us to a cool beach afterwards, a 3 hour tour with lunch and transport for $13!


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