So before I left for East Africa at the end of May my boo Tatenda and I sneaked (not snuck but sneaked) into Open Forum 2012 in Cape Town. It is a huge conference bringing together the leading social justice, feminist, African leaders of our time.

I mean women who I have been citing in my papers were there like my mus Bibi Bakare-Yusu! I didn’t know what to do when I realized she was sitting in front of me, so I tapped her on the shoulder and did my usual Stephanie rambling. Sigh, hot mess.

But I did meet the beautiful Minna who runs the amazing African, Feminist, Fashion, Diaspora blog called Ms. Afropolitan. Her articles really speak to me, especially on the issue of whether or not Feminism is “un-African.” So I spoke to her briefly about becoming a contributor and she was so open to the idea!

Soooooo….as soon as I figure out what I am going to write you may see me featured on her website 🙂 Excittttiiiiinnnnggggg.

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