Meanwhile, my romantic horoscope for 2013 reads :

“You’ll be thrilled to know that any dry spell in the love arena is officially over, Aries. Saturn has officially left the building and won’t be back to put you through trial and tribulation in your relationship zone for another three decades! All of the painful and difficult lessons you’ve learned about love since 2009 can now be put to good use as you prepare for deeper levels of intimacy than you have ever imagined.”

I said damn!

One day I’m going to live in Paris…

…And raise my kids there

Go to law school there

Make my parents move there with me when they get old and senile

Walk its streets with my future husband

Have my best friends rack up frequent flyer miles coming to visit my crazy ass family

Buy a tiny apartment in a cool neighborhood

Eat brie and drink wine and listen to the rain

Write a book there

Open a vintage store there

Be happy there.

Quotes, on quotes, on quotes.

“I asked a young White woman why she was studying social anthropology. She replied that she was hoping to go to Zimbabwe, and felt that she could help women there by advising them how to organize. The Black women in the audience gasped in astonishment. Here was someone scarcely past girlhood, who had just started university and had never fought a war in her life. She was planning to go to Africa to teach female veterans of a liberation struggle how to organize! This is the kind of arrogant, if not absurd attitude we encounter repeatedly. It makes one think: Better the distant armchair anthropologists than these ‘sisters.”-  Ifi Amadiume

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Why 2012 has been the best year of my life:

-I dropped everything and moved to South Africa

-I attended the African Gender Institute where I stretched my views and ideology in crazy directions

-I grew closer to those who I love the most

-I rode a horse through Swaziland and slept in a cave with a beautiful German girl

-I worked at the premier legal center for women in Africa

-I rode a bus to a sleepy beach town in Mozambique and almost drowned in the Ocean

-I witnessed my best friend marry the man of her dreams in Paris

-I finally lost these 15 pounds stopping me from fitting into my leather pencil skirt

-I finished my graduate course work at Georgetown

-I got rid of my ex-boyfriend baggage once and for all

-I slept on the floor of the Dubai airport 5 times

-I finally visited beautiful Ethiopia and now see why Ethiopians are some of the proudest people in the world

-I experienced backpacking for the first time and got my iPod stolen in Kenya

-I hosted some of my best friends in South Africa for their first time on the beautiful continent

-I experienced the beauty of Table Mountain and flying by the top of Mount Kilimanjaro

-I discovered that Nairobi is hands down one of my favorite cities in the world, and that feeding Giraffes stresses me out

-I realized how little I need to be happy

-I welcomed a second niece into my heart

-I met my Zimbabwean soul mate in Cape Town

-I spent the holidays in my beautiful Abidjan with the best people I know in the best place I’ve ever experienced

-I navigated the narrow allies of Stone Town Zanzibar and found the most beautiful beach in the world

-I rode a boat to Dar es Salaam Tanzania without getting robbed or sea sick

-I witnessed my big brother marry the perfect woman

-I finally figured out men…they do what they want, when they want, just gotta find the one that wants to put you first.

-I rediscovered the beauty and excitement of being young in the District of Columbia

-I turned 25.

I thank god everyday for my life and the people in it, and my guardian angel of course.


I have a strong feeling I am being pulled in a certain direction, for a certain purpose. Something larger than what I envision for myself, something permanent and very much consuming. I feel like my life is going to change holistically.

The pulling feeling is the back and forth I have between making my post-graduation move to Europe to potentially begin writing for a publication and moving to somewhere in Africa and living in a village somewhere working with women.

Two extremes, two things I would love to do next….but again, I know where I am being pulled, I’ve always known.

and I’m happily obliging.

Just-a-chillin with my boo Malcolm at the office.

He’s my work wife and I love him so! We go on ridiculous lunch hour adventures to find food, weight loss supplements, moisturizer, frozen yogurt, and other things that are too embarrassing to name.

If you don’t got yourself a Malcolm, I suggest you begin looking now.