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Why 2012 has been the best year of my life:

-I dropped everything and moved to South Africa

-I attended the African Gender Institute where I stretched my views and ideology in crazy directions

-I grew closer to those who I love the most

-I rode a horse through Swaziland and slept in a cave with a beautiful German girl

-I worked at the premier legal center for women in Africa

-I rode a bus to a sleepy beach town in Mozambique and almost drowned in the Ocean

-I witnessed my best friend marry the man of her dreams in Paris

-I finally lost these 15 pounds stopping me from fitting into my leather pencil skirt

-I finished my graduate course work at Georgetown

-I got rid of my ex-boyfriend baggage once and for all

-I slept on the floor of the Dubai airport 5 times

-I finally visited beautiful Ethiopia and now see why Ethiopians are some of the proudest people in the world

-I experienced backpacking for the first time and got my iPod stolen in Kenya

-I hosted some of my best friends in South Africa for their first time on the beautiful continent

-I experienced the beauty of Table Mountain and flying by the top of Mount Kilimanjaro

-I discovered that Nairobi is hands down one of my favorite cities in the world, and that feeding Giraffes stresses me out

-I realized how little I need to be happy

-I welcomed a second niece into my heart

-I met my Zimbabwean soul mate in Cape Town

-I spent the holidays in my beautiful Abidjan with the best people I know in the best place I’ve ever experienced

-I navigated the narrow allies of Stone Town Zanzibar and found the most beautiful beach in the world

-I rode a boat to Dar es Salaam Tanzania without getting robbed or sea sick

-I witnessed my big brother marry the perfect woman

-I finally figured out men…they do what they want, when they want, just gotta find the one that wants to put you first.

-I rediscovered the beauty and excitement of being young in the District of Columbia

-I turned 25.

I thank god everyday for my life and the people in it, and my guardian angel of course.

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