The absolute LOVE OF MY LIFE has graced DC with her presence! And we are over here matching for no reason!

Ahhh I love me some Ciara, we’ve been through it all! We’ve explored the streets of New York, Paris, and Florence together. We’ve cried and laughed, and fought, and through it all; I’ve thanked God that he allowed us to meet!

Don’t mind me, this is just a lil appreciation post for my best friend. 

Last week I finally put up the art I got in Tanzania in June! It makes me so happy to wake up and see those everyday. It reminds me that at one point I wasn’t a loser who sits in her room doing citations for three hours, but I was an awesome backpacker traveling and meeting people and collecting art.

Oh how I’ve fallen.

Sometimes I like to get fancy at work. For all that don’t know me in real life, I am obsessed with vintage/thrift store finds! 

I got this dress in Paris in 2011, it was about $30 at my favorite thrift store in le Marais, Free P Star. Seriously, this dress cinches at the waist and make me look tiny.

How all dresses should be. 

I went to Mexico internet friends! It is my boo/sister/roomie’s birthday and we had a beautiful girls trip to Cancun! It was magical, particularly in the middle of winter. Lounging on beach beds, drink margaritas, Like seriously, is this my life?

Amen and thank you Jesus.