Y’all know I love a European side street. I’m in Beautiful Barcelona! AH! Whats my life about? I am so blessed yall. 

Brandi and I arrived to Barcelona yesterday and the weather is amazing! We’ve been walking around, shopping, admiring Gaudi’s work, trying to blend in (well thats a bit difficult for me). It’s an awesome city and I’m so happy to be here with one of my best friends.

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Why 2013 is treating me so well:

1. My loved ones are healthy and happy
2. I turned 26 in LA and Vegas dancing until 4 am with my best friend, confidant, and realest woman I know (pictures above)
3. I completed my masters program with a thesis I am very proud of
4. I got a job in Tanzania and will be going to work with amazing African women in 10 days
5. I get to go to Europe to see my Ciara before moving to Tanzania
6. I’ve made my family very proud


What happens when white feminists continue to represent the white mans burden, meaning their self proclaimed duty to illuminate the darkness in which us brown and black women continue to live.

Again, why there will never be a universal notion of feminism, this is an example of the debauchery that happens when women’s lived realities are ignored and replaced with the perceived reality which white feminists see.

Muslim women will continue to be stripped of their own narratives as the world focuses on dumb Ukrainian women topless in front of someone’s place of worship.

The horror of it all.