So I went to Kigali this weekend!

‘Yall know I live in the bush of Tanzania, so I literally needed to get to a city to not only buy some more Dove soap and use an ATM, but I wanted to go out to restaurants and try on shoes and put make up on. I even did my eyebrows internet friends, its getting real.

Anywho, Kigali was soooo….QUIET. And clean, its clean as hell, Paul Kagame plays no games. Try to liter in Kigali and you will be evicted from the city probably.But it is so, so quiet. Like, there are no street vendors, no one plays music too loudly, eating in public is considered taboo.

Wellllll you know my Ivorian self didn’t understand, West Africa is where all the loudest people come from. So to go to such a quiet city, it was so odd. It was like Kigali was missing its pulse or something, it had such a muted undertone, like people were unsure of how much noise or how much fun they should be having.

Still, it was a beautiful city, with lots of cool lounges, hookah bars, cupcake shops, I really enjoyed being there. It seems like a very Western city, making it relatively easy to live in so it seems. Lots of expats running around going to coffee shops and French bakeries. I was feeling it.

It did make me miss Abidjan though, so so much.

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