I told my intern who is considering studying abroad in Cape Town that she should do it. That its a beautiful place, with beaches for surfing, mountains for hiking.

She said “but you said you didn’t like South Africa because of the racism and xenophobia?”

I asked her since when did racism stop white kids from enjoying themselves?

Than she said she can’t enjoy a place thats so racist,  that she thinks she will go to Australia instead.

I laughed.

How does she not know the Australian government has been trying to kill off niggas for generations. 

So my mother is my best friend. Through all her terrorizing as a child and her abuse of parental power, now thats I’m 26, she and I are inseparable  even with continents between us.

I love skyping with her because she is the damn funniest person I know, and today she was getting ready for her flight from DC to Abidjan so she was showing me her new sunglasses and her new watch. I DIED. She cracks me the hell up! Talking about how she found them in the clearance bin at the TJ Maxx, go mommy! Shoot she even took the lap top down to the dining room to show me the fou fou and sauce I was missing out on! I can not deal with her.

But what made me cry was when she showed me the locket with my third grade picture inside, a dinky metal thing I gave her when I was a kid, and she still takes it with her everywhere! I cried because I hope I will one day be as loving of a mother as she is. She has never made me feel anything less than perfect and utterly gorgeous and for that I am eternally grateful. She loves me and has shown me that every day of my life. I can not wait to have a child and I pray I can be as beautiful of a mother as she is to me.

I love you mama.

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Nungwi, Zanzibar. The most magical place. I was lounging on the beach, floating in the warm water, I even went snorkeling! Next to Abidjan, this may be my favorite place to be in the world.

Who needs Miami or the Amalfi Coast when we’ve got beaches like these right here in Africa.

This continent has everything I need.

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I first visited Stone Town, Zanzibar last year, when I took my lil back packing trip through East Africa. I liked it, I really did, I thought it was beautiful, but I was never very comfortable there. I was scared of getting lost in the crazy maze of tiny side streets and alleyways, I did not understand a lick of Swahili, and just traveling alone as a woman made me anxious in general.

Luckily for me, I had to travel there again for work a week a go! Coming back, a year later, understanding enough Swahili to get around, remembering where things were, I felt so confident! I was able to let my guard down and really enjoy the beauty and mix of African and Arabic culture that is Stone Town. I really love Zanzibar, sana.

Getting to Stone Town from Dar es Salaam was a damn headache though. First, the ferries that travel the two hours to Zanzibar have a resident price and a foreigner price. Wells the foreigner price is a joke and basically for the Europeans who have money to pay $50 for a 2 hour boat ride. So of course I get into the line for the residents. The lady at the counter looked at me like “girl bye”, how are you trying to get a resident rate and you are clearly a foreigner and don’t speak Swahili?  I told her I work here and I deserve the resident rate, we argued for a bit and then she basically kicked me out of line. Ha!

So I went to a sketchy boat company with a sketchy boat and they let me pay the resident rate of course. Moral of the story is, never give up on spending less money on something lol.

My new necklace 🙂

Found it at a new stand at the slipway shopping area in Dar. I’m in complete love, with this necklace and Dar es Salaam.

Mwanza, Tanzania. 

I am in Dar es Salaam for work yall! And to get from Ngara to Dar you gotta stop in Mwanza for a night. Its a city off of Lake Victoria.

Beautiful views…

My co-workers have been talking about something called the WHO TARCH since May. I kept asking them what the hell it was, what did it mean, but the Swahili-English language barrier was too real for me to understand.

Well it happened this weekend and I found out its actually called the Uhuru Torch, Uhuru meaning Freedom in Swahili. It was a marathon parade started by Nyerere, and basically consists of a team of Tanzanian officials traveling from region to region with this Olympic style torch. They stop along the way and wave and give speeches about Tanzanian unity.

Well, they made one of our WomenCraft production centers their stop in the Kagera region!  So they came with their entourage, and spoke about female empowerment and it was all very festive. Soooo many people were there, I’d say about 100 at each stop. This torch is quite an event.

And of course it ended with music and drinking, lots of drinking.

You know you are a questionable supervisor when your summer intern turns to you and is like “Ive consumed more alcohol here in the last two days than when I’m at university in GERMANY.” I said damn. Hahaha.

Anywho, I took my interns out to the one of three clubs/bars in town and I was surprised at how live it was! Usually we drink gin and may play UNO, but last Friday was wild. Dancers, a DJ, an MC, the whole town was there! All 25 of us lol.

It was a fun time, we stayed out until three in the morning at which point my IT guy (read: the man who fixes our computers SOMETIMES) took me home on his motorcycle and professed his love. I told him he was too young for me and he drove too slowly.