My co-workers have been talking about something called the WHO TARCH since May. I kept asking them what the hell it was, what did it mean, but the Swahili-English language barrier was too real for me to understand.

Well it happened this weekend and I found out its actually called the Uhuru Torch, Uhuru meaning Freedom in Swahili. It was a marathon parade started by Nyerere, and basically consists of a team of Tanzanian officials traveling from region to region with this Olympic style torch. They stop along the way and wave and give speeches about Tanzanian unity.

Well, they made one of our WomenCraft production centers their stop in the Kagera region!  So they came with their entourage, and spoke about female empowerment and it was all very festive. Soooo many people were there, I’d say about 100 at each stop. This torch is quite an event.

And of course it ended with music and drinking, lots of drinking.

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