So my mother is my best friend. Through all her terrorizing as a child and her abuse of parental power, now thats I’m 26, she and I are inseparable  even with continents between us.

I love skyping with her because she is the damn funniest person I know, and today she was getting ready for her flight from DC to Abidjan so she was showing me her new sunglasses and her new watch. I DIED. She cracks me the hell up! Talking about how she found them in the clearance bin at the TJ Maxx, go mommy! Shoot she even took the lap top down to the dining room to show me the fou fou and sauce I was missing out on! I can not deal with her.

But what made me cry was when she showed me the locket with my third grade picture inside, a dinky metal thing I gave her when I was a kid, and she still takes it with her everywhere! I cried because I hope I will one day be as loving of a mother as she is. She has never made me feel anything less than perfect and utterly gorgeous and for that I am eternally grateful. She loves me and has shown me that every day of my life. I can not wait to have a child and I pray I can be as beautiful of a mother as she is to me.

I love you mama.

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