Lord have mercy y’all. The struggle is real.

My flight from Nairobi to DC left Kenya at 1:45 am this morning and I don’t know if yall know but there was a huge fire last month at the Nairobi airport so now all their gates are outside in tents. Sigh, I was freezing my big ass off waiting almost three hours for my flight!

SMH, but I made it and I actually slept the whole time, I tried to watch the Great Gatsby with Leo Dicaprio but the cinematography was too cartoonish for me, plus all the songs int he movie were Jay Z songs, and I don’t like his dumb music. So I woke up for food and went back to sleep.

so NOW I am in Doha, Qatar waiting to board my flight to DC, so many people, so so many people on this flight. Such a long line to board.

DC here I comeee!

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