I went to Nairobi three weeks ago on a 4 day layover on my way home to DC. I can not rave enough when talking about that city. The vibrancy, the art scene  the diversity, there is so much love and life there. It’s such an impressive city.

I had made a few friends there from last year when I was traveling through East Africa so I met up with one at Westgate Mall for lunch and wine. It was such a fantastic day. There was a jewelry and crafts market on the roof where I got the most beautiful gold African continent earrings. And we sat down with two of his friends for tapas at a Spanish style restaurant on the outside patio right at the entrance of the mall. I drank almost a whole bottle of wine 🙂 We shared food and laughter and stories about our travels, it was a beautiful day in one of my favorite cities.

And now, to see that the same mall where I was sitting is under attack, and to know the people who were sitting in the seats I was just drinking wine in, could be dead, it has really shaken me to my core. The sadness I feel for all those people who have lost loved ones, its so profound, so real. I pray that God comforts them in this dark time, and I pray that the hostages that may still be trapped inside find solace in their faith.

So devastating.

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