The Kimous.

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Sigh. I’m back in the Tanzania bush y’all. I went home for two weeks and it was AMAZING. I got to see my whole family, we had sleepovers, cookouts, had movies nights, had dance parities in the living room.

I can’t stress enough how completely ecstatic I was the whole time. It really is making coming back to Tanzania difficult for me. I have so much back home, my family brings me such joy, I get to eat pancakes, and go to dance class, and have brunch with my best friends, and get a pedicure, wear make up, watch House Hunter international.

It all makes me wonder what the hell I am doing in the bush. Fighting to communicate, being eaten alive by bugs every night, insomnia, the feeling of complete seclusion, having no personal space or private life.

The struggle has been real. But through it all, my bad days and the good ones I have a strong feeling I am where I need to be, at least until this one year contract is over in April. I sometimes hit a wall with my life here, but somehow I still feel like this exactly what I should be doing.

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