More Tanzania Weddings!

Another weekend, another wedding! Well this time, one of our artisans got married and of course the whole staff had to go 🙂

It was in a little village called Benaco, about 45 minutes from where I live in Ngara. It was definitely eventful! From the 3 hour church service, to standing up and introducing myself in swahili in front of all the guests, it was quite the day lol.

Lots of fun though, I always enjoy outings out of Ngara 🙂

Saturday in the bush 🙂 Just sitting in my 2nd office using the internet, skyping, catching up on celebrity gossip (Kimye got engaged, how exciting, I’m mad Kimmy had a baby and is smaller than me now.)

Anywho, I’ve been a bit stressed and cranky this month, mostly tired of getting bug bites and taking bucket showers. But as of this month I have 6 months left of my contract so I’ve just been contemplating my life, whats next for me.

Law school? Moving to NYC? I may have the opportunity to work for my current org from Europe. Staying in Africa, but in a larger city, Nairobi? Dar es Salaam? Accra? Kigali? Sigh, I dunno, but I’m so blessed to have options.

In less important news, I’ve lost 6 pounds in a month from cutting out ALL carbs, running, and doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. This is great news as I am spending New Years on a beach with skinny white girls.

The interns and I went to Burundi!

Yes, this weekend, we took the 45 minute drive to the border of Burundi with one of our Tanzanian coworkers. It was cool to have a change of scenery! And the konyagi (the local moonshine) made everything seem funnier.

Anywho, its a dreary Monday and I want to take a nap.

Me and my WomenCraft staff at a wedding last weekend!

We went and drank Konyagi, and talked about life, and relationships, and we asked ourselves; are we all single because we do things like move to the Tanzanian bush? Or have we moved to the Tanzanian bush because we are always single?You get it? LOL.

I know I’m still single because I have yet to meet any man who could stop me from traveling the world in search of employment and adventure. And no, I don’t have commitment issues like all my ex boyfriends would suggest, I just haven’t met a person completely worth committing to! I mean really, if an Idris Elba look alike with a degree and a love for his mama wanted me to stop being a nomad and settle down in the suburbs with him…uhhh I would not pick the Tanzanian bush over him!

I ain’t dumb.

The WomenCraft Mamas.

One of our Fall interns is a digital genius and is making all types of collages with photos of our artisans. And of course…per usual…I love it.