Saturday in the bush 🙂 Just sitting in my 2nd office using the internet, skyping, catching up on celebrity gossip (Kimye got engaged, how exciting, I’m mad Kimmy had a baby and is smaller than me now.)

Anywho, I’ve been a bit stressed and cranky this month, mostly tired of getting bug bites and taking bucket showers. But as of this month I have 6 months left of my contract so I’ve just been contemplating my life, whats next for me.

Law school? Moving to NYC? I may have the opportunity to work for my current org from Europe. Staying in Africa, but in a larger city, Nairobi? Dar es Salaam? Accra? Kigali? Sigh, I dunno, but I’m so blessed to have options.

In less important news, I’ve lost 6 pounds in a month from cutting out ALL carbs, running, and doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. This is great news as I am spending New Years on a beach with skinny white girls.

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