My Man Crush!

I recently found out what #mcm means, Man Crush Mondays! Ha, how cute. Well this Monday I needed to share with you all my crush. Blogger/DJ/Ashesi University Lecturer/DUST Magazine Editor/Accra Mover and Shaker Kobby Graham.

He’s an afropolitan living in Accra making moves through his awesome DJing sets, his innovative lectures at Ghana’s only liberal arts university (think analyzing the text of Kanye and Jay Z’s “No Church in the Wild”), his witty and funny take on life in Ghana on his blog, basically his overall cool. I mean really, a man of the diaspora who returned to his country and is shaping the conversations within one of Africa’s most burgeoning and influential cities through education, art, music, and journalism. Plus he shows loves for his mama. Yup.

I actually met him in 2012 at a conference I snuck into in Cape Town, I spoke to him for like 4 mins about the differences between Abidjan and Accra. I asked for his card but was too chicken to write cause I didn’t really have anything interesting to say lol. The struggle.

Sigh, unfortunately as I was stalking reading his blog recently I saw something about a girlfriend. Darn, the fantasy came to an end.

Nonetheless, he’s definitely someone to watch, and DUST is a great publication to check out. Oh and if anyone knows any beautiful West African men who sound like this, please contact me as soon as possible. Like seriously.


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