My Mamas and their babies.

Artisan headshots WC 027 Mubayange 063 Mubayange 079
Artisan headshots WC 024
Photos taken by our intern Yasmine while visiting our artisans throughout the villages. I strongly feel that African mothers are a different breed of human. There is a peculiar sense of  selflessness that, having experienced this first hand with Mme. Kimou, envelopes children and strips the mother of any sense of personhood. It’s like these Mamas become just tools to protect and nurture their children until they can take care of themselves. Like they can not be people until their families are ok. Does that make sense?

It’s a scary notion, but also very sane at the same time.

Me: But I only want to have one child mother

Mommy: NO!! Don’t say that, you have many children inside of you that need to come out!

Me: Gross mother, anywho lets take pictures

Mommy: Yes! Put me on your internet, and make sure you show my hair it looks good today.

I arrived in Abidjan internet friends, I have been catching up with some friends, going out with my cousins, EATING EVERYTHING, enjoying my city, the weather, the beauty. Its amazing here per usual.

Anywho, heres a pic of my momma in her Ethiopian presents!

She is so proud of me for traveling through East Africa, she has been telling EVERYONE who will listen to her about her fearless, beautiful daughter, who has seen the world. I get it from her, I hope she understands that.

She sure knows how to make a sista feel nice 🙂