Me and my Mamas

Me and my mamas 🙂

Seriously, living here has been a challenge. I have my ups and downs, many downs, some days are filled with my lowest hours lol. BUT, the instances I get to spend time with our artisans, laugh with them, dance with them, its really makes me feel like “Ok, this is why you are here, like really, this was the purpose.”

So, this is an appreciation post to all the mamas at WomenCraft, thank you for sharing your happiness.

Mama Anjelika!

She is the leader of one of our Artisan groups. I just sweat her, when she comes to the office I drop everything I am doing and hug her and speak my sad Swahili to her. She will hug me and rock me back and forth and say “ohhhhh stephania, my stephania”, yall know I love it!

She is tall, regal, and beautiful…clearly. She’s a mother, a genocide survivor, and an example to the rest of our artisans of what a leader, a good leader should look like.

Props to her.

African women are those who metaphorically carry six mountains on their backs, these mountains represent the meanings emanating from our location in Africa with the accompanying history of interlocking oppressions in the burdens we carry.

Girl on campus today: “Look at you with your headscarf TRYING to be all African! That’s so cute!”

Me in my brain: [I’m not trying.]