I’m Thankful for:

Africa and living here

My Mother and Father and their ability to make me laugh over skype

My brothers and their complete faith in all that I do

My job that pays me money even when I feel like running away

New friends I’ve made in Tanzania

My close girlfriends and their emails, calls, and messages

My nieces and nephew

My waist cause its small

My skin cause its pretty

My faith

The internet

My masters degree

I remember growing up and looking through pictures of my Dad’s many travels. I always remember this picture of him feeding giraffes in Nairobi for some reason when I was a kid.

So when I visited Nairobi last month, and went to that same Giraffe center I had this OVERWHELMING sense of deja vu. Like I stopped in my tracks and realized, omg, I’m standing in the exact place that my father was over 20 years ago.

Whats my life about.

Clearly I’m blessed.