One day I’m going to live in Paris…

…And raise my kids there

Go to law school there

Make my parents move there with me when they get old and senile

Walk its streets with my future husband

Have my best friends rack up frequent flyer miles coming to visit my crazy ass family

Buy a tiny apartment in a cool neighborhood

Eat brie and drink wine and listen to the rain

Write a book there

Open a vintage store there

Be happy there.

When I was waiting for my cousin to pick me up I started snapping photos last night of La Defense.

It’s a cool area of Paris, a bit outside of the actual city since its esthetic is more industrial and modern (those Parisians would not want a big white arch, or globe in the middle of the Latin Quarter)

Anywho, I’m awake, eating pastries and using the internets. I’m being lazy per usual and need to get up and get ready and meet my best friend for shopping. I will…soon.

It’s so cold outside.