Why today was a good ass day:

1. I finally finished my take home assignment for my gender course! Its about a week late, but my professor gave a sista an extension (I was in France, I couldn’t do any work..duh)..!!

2. It was a BEAUTIFUL day in Cape Town, seriously, gorgeous, I sat outside on our patio and typed my paper and was happy

3. I liked my hair, this blowout I got done in Paris is holding up!

4. Someone cool made time for me before leaving for a trip, it was nice 🙂

5. I ate crepes with cinnamon, sugar, and peaches with my boo aka my wonderful German roommate

6. I am happy.

Because apparently all I’m doing in Cape Town is buying jewelry. Shame.

Anywho, these are the newest additions to my African jewelery collection, they are all about $15, a bit pricey, but you know I do love a good statement piece.

That is all.

CHAY B HAS ARRIVED!! My boo took her first international trip to come visit me!!! That is what 17 years of friendship will do, you cross continents to be reunited!

After a one day delay and lost luggage she STILL arrived all smiles and ready to go! Gotta love someone who keeps it optimistic. Anywho! I took her out for some drinks when she arrived and it got ridiculous pretty quickly lol. Per usual.

A fun filled day lay ahead in Cape Town for us…I just gotta wake this her up now!

Sidebar, that man is my neighborhood bouncer who insists on taking a picture with me every time I see him. Ridic.

Why March 20th was a good ass day (me pictured on said day feeling rather peaceful):

1. I woke up the sun was shining and I said “today is going to be a good ass day”

2. My hair was working so so well after months of being in protective styles

3. I wore African clothing that my tailer made for me in Cote d’Ivoire

4. We analyzed my favorite PHILOSOPHER Frantz Fanon in a way I had never understood him to be in my Intellectuals of the African Liberation Movement class

4. My group and I did a fantastic/inspiring/hate worthy presentation of the feminist movement and the importance of intersectionality after 4 days of hard work in my Gender and Transformation class

5. I got a call from my internship inviting me to go with some of the lawyers to a two day UN conference in the Eastern Cape

6. I had a very moving conversation with my roommate

7. I got drunk with some friends and danced to Rihanna et al. until 4:00am


“Why did you decide to go natural?”- EVERYONE

“Because this is the way my hair grows out of my head.”- Moi

The first three pictures are from my big chop 2 years ago this week! WOW it has indeed been a roller coaster for my hair since then, but when I took my braids out this week, I know there was and is no other choice for me but the natural state.

And trust, I do not judge my relaxed sisters, I just choose to no longer subscribe to the politics of straight and processed hair.

That is all 🙂

Clearly I love this darn shirt. It was around $2 at the thrift store and I keep wearing it.

Those who know me and know of me know I almost only shop thrift and I even had a bomb blog with Ciara Small about our vintage finds…well that blog fell off, Ciara moved to France and is engaged and I am a nomad who will be in Africa soon.

What I’m trying to say is we got lazy, but yall peoples should look at the olde posts here, there is some good stuff.