So my best friend, sister, and absolute love of my life just celebrated her 1 year anniversary. I remember crying like a crazy woman at her wedding last year, and now she’s been a wife for 12 months already! I can’t even deal!

I’m so happy to even know her and am so happy she met such an amazing man. We fank God oh!

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I never shared my Europe photos with you internet Friends! Wells  after completing my masters and getting a job in Tanzania, I said I should reward myself by going to Paris to visit my sister Ciara and my family, and Spain since I’ve always wanted to go and the flight was $30 round trip from Paris.

So I handed in my thesis, moved all my stuff from DC to my parents house, packed my life into two suitcases and left America. I spent 10 days in Europe with my boo boo Brandi and then took a lonnnggg flight to my new home (Paris to Qatar, to Uganda, to Rwanda, to Tanzania).

I had an amazing time in Europe, and Spain blew my mind. It was so sunny and beautiful compared to rainy and cold Paris, it was perfect. I ate, I visited my beautiful family, I went clubbing, I randomly ran into my old friend in Barcelona, I ate, I went vintage shopping, I ate. It was like a little send off before moving on to Tanzania, to my little town Ngara where the internet works sometimes and women don’t wear pants.

And it was the best decision I ever made, I had such an amazing time and I can’t wait to do it again…once I’m not poor anymore.

Sometimes I like to get fancy at work. For all that don’t know me in real life, I am obsessed with vintage/thrift store finds! 

I got this dress in Paris in 2011, it was about $30 at my favorite thrift store in le Marais, Free P Star. Seriously, this dress cinches at the waist and make me look tiny.

How all dresses should be. 

One day I’m going to live in Paris…

…And raise my kids there

Go to law school there

Make my parents move there with me when they get old and senile

Walk its streets with my future husband

Have my best friends rack up frequent flyer miles coming to visit my crazy ass family

Buy a tiny apartment in a cool neighborhood

Eat brie and drink wine and listen to the rain

Write a book there

Open a vintage store there

Be happy there.

Me and my best friend on her wedding day.

I just needed to put this into the internet universe. This woman is amazing. I FEEL so badly for anyone who does not have the unbreakable connection and bond that Ciara and I have shared for the last 5 years 🙂

She has shaped the woman I am today, I don’t really know who I would be or where I would be without her, and I know the feeling is so so mutual. I love her to death and would take a bullet any day for this crazy, she completes me!! I am so happy she has found a man that DESERVES her beauty, intelligence, grace, and love, she is an angel on earth.

I adore her. Full stop.

If I could choose my favorite place in Paris, it would be the Marais district (on the line 1 of the metro stop: St. Paul).

It is where all the affordable thrift stores are, its has great food, and its just really French! cobblestone roads, outdoor cafes, old world alleyways, I just really like it 🙂

I am saving all my funds for my East Africa trip, but I did get to stop by one of my favorite thrift stores, and can you believe I found an authentic vintage MCM mini tote for 10 euros! HELLO, this would have been over a hundred dollars originally! I’m pressed.

Anywho, I’ve been asked by a couple of people to do a what to see/do/eat/buy in Paris post. I will, but I’m so damn lazy, and swamped with work. Maybe this weekend? Don’t hold me to it though.

That is all.

Ok, seriously, Parisian women (now including my boo Ciara) are the most stylish, elegant creatures. WTF. Coming from Cape Town to Paris, I felt like the biggest bum ever. I mean I do love me some Cape Town, but anyone who lives here can agree that this place is no style hub. 

More like a tacky mess, but look I’m not one to gossip. Anywho, I spotted this fantastic mother in Le Marais in Paris, and she blew my mind. HELLO, pumps, a graffiti LV bag, AND her kid strapped to the bike she was peddling. Too much. Loved it all. 

When Sarkozy lost the election on Sunday there was a HUGE celebration that lasted the whollle night at Place de la Bastille in the center of Paris. I mean people were drinking, dancing, and just acting a damn fool because the French had finally gotten rid of ole Sarko.

There were musicians, politicians, and even the new President and his girlfriend made an appearance around midnight, all tres cool. 

It was freezing that night, I’m guessing that is where my cold came from. Shame. BUT I am happy to have experienced such exciting events in such an amazing city.

I’m home! After almost 20 hours of flying, I just got back to Cape Town with a cold.

It was really hard flying, I was really uncomfortable. I couldnt even find a movie I wanted to watch. I started watching The Lion King, but then it got too real for me, I stopped it before Mufasa died, the scene where he was saving simba from the stampede of wildebeest was stressing me the heck out.

I did some reading for a paper due tomorrow, I yawned every 2 seconds (as seen in this photo), I gave a tissue to the blonde chick next to me who started crying out of nowhere, I wonder what her issue was. I watched the sunrise somewhere over Turkey. It was a looooong journey.

Nonetheless, its back to the grind of trying to finish up final assignments and papers before I leave for my East Africa trip in 2 weeks! EXCITING.

This last week in Paris has been a dream. I have been floating since the wedding last night, and I still feel the overwhelming love that my best friend and her husband gave us throughout the day. It was such a gift to see her become one with the man of her dreams, in the city of her dreams.

Paris has become even more magical after this union. I have never been more confident in the love and dedication of a couple. I love love, but I admire and look up to their love.

When I was waiting for my cousin to pick me up I started snapping photos last night of La Defense.

It’s a cool area of Paris, a bit outside of the actual city since its esthetic is more industrial and modern (those Parisians would not want a big white arch, or globe in the middle of the Latin Quarter)

Anywho, I’m awake, eating pastries and using the internets. I’m being lazy per usual and need to get up and get ready and meet my best friend for shopping. I will…soon.

It’s so cold outside.

A week and 4 days until Paris for my soul-mates wedding!!! What is my life about? SERIOUSLY. My best friend is getting married?! I can’t deal.

I’m trying to prepare for the trip by loosing weight, that hasn’t worked since my ass (literally my ass) has gained 5 pounds. SIGH.

I finally got more pages added to my passport at the American consulate here in Cape Town, way too expensive, $82?! Uhhh what happened to the taxes I paid that one year, it should have been free.

BLAH, gotta start on this 20 page paper on Fanon and Cabral’s theories on national consciousness. Sometime I am OVER grad school, want to work at Barnes and Noble.