Me and my Mamas

Me and my mamas 🙂

Seriously, living here has been a challenge. I have my ups and downs, many downs, some days are filled with my lowest hours lol. BUT, the instances I get to spend time with our artisans, laugh with them, dance with them, its really makes me feel like “Ok, this is why you are here, like really, this was the purpose.”

So, this is an appreciation post to all the mamas at WomenCraft, thank you for sharing your happiness.

So I’ve been in Tanzania for almost a month! I can’t really believe it, I feel like I am watching myself, like I’m not really present but I’m watching myself live here. Its odd lol.

Nonetheless, last week was amazing, we went on our route week to visit all the women we work with around the Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda border. The pictures are random shots from that week, meeting all our Artisans, seeing how they live, how they organize themselves, they have such entrepreneurial spirits…naturally, they are African women. They were so welcoming but they were confused as to how I was African and didn’t speak Swahili, I told them soon ohhh soon! Im learning Swahili quite quickly thanks to my tutor and flash cards lol.

Anywho, TZ is beautiful, the people are quite entertaining, and I am excited to travel around East African more, I’m going to Dar es Salaam next week for a work trip, almost 24 hours of traveling to get there. Pray for me yall.

More later, Im at an internet cafe and I don’t feel like paying for another 30 mins.