The interns and I went to Burundi!

Yes, this weekend, we took the 45 minute drive to the border of Burundi with one of our Tanzanian coworkers. It was cool to have a change of scenery! And the konyagi (the local moonshine) made everything seem funnier.

Anywho, its a dreary Monday and I want to take a nap.

A ring I got in Nairobi. Its an original East African coin from 1952! Post-independence…!!!

I like wearing history on my finger.

[Update: This is the ring I LOST in Zanzibar. Damn it all to hell]

Lord have mercy y’all. The struggle is real.

My flight from Nairobi to DC left Kenya at 1:45 am this morning and I don’t know if yall know but there was a huge fire last month at the Nairobi airport so now all their gates are outside in tents. Sigh, I was freezing my big ass off waiting almost three hours for my flight!

SMH, but I made it and I actually slept the whole time, I tried to watch the Great Gatsby with Leo Dicaprio but the cinematography was too cartoonish for me, plus all the songs int he movie were Jay Z songs, and I don’t like his dumb music. So I woke up for food and went back to sleep.

so NOW I am in Doha, Qatar waiting to board my flight to DC, so many people, so so many people on this flight. Such a long line to board.

DC here I comeee!

Views from my evening run trough Murgwanza. Its so beautiful, I’ll never get used to this view being outside my window. Just like I never got used to walking by the White House everyday in DC or whizzing by the Eiffel  Tower on my way to class in Paris. 

Some things are meant to slow you down.

My parentals. 1970’s Abidjan. 

What an amazing time to be an African in Africa? Like Cote d’Ivoire was newly independent, we had such a bright future in front off us! Young people like my parents were buzzing with anticipation at life after colonization, realities were changing and nations were forming.

Sigh, if I could go back in time, it would for sure be West Africa in the 1960’s/70’s. 

My new necklace 🙂

Found it at a new stand at the slipway shopping area in Dar. I’m in complete love, with this necklace and Dar es Salaam.

Mwanza, Tanzania. 

I am in Dar es Salaam for work yall! And to get from Ngara to Dar you gotta stop in Mwanza for a night. Its a city off of Lake Victoria.

Beautiful views…

So the trip from Arusha to Ngara had me on the verge of depression. 11 hours on a dusty bus from Arusha to Kahama, TZ. Sitting next to a mom whose baby kept climbing all over me and laughing. Was not in the mood for that nonsense. 

So when I got to my hotel in Kahama I was grumpy and all I wanted to do was eat rice and drink Stoney Tangawizi. I think its a Tanzanian drink, its strong ginger soda and I am now obsessed. I ordered three and the bellhop looked at me like I had an alcohol problem.

Foolish boy