I’ve seen you crucified too. Spread out onbillboards to be spiritually impaled by millions of men with eyes like nails, who make martyrs of your daughters. 

Pah One- Amatita

Tanzania hip hop for yall, this is what is getting me through this work week. Lord have mercy.

This was the opening of our WomenCraft Artisans Leaders Meeting this week.

Basically we brought together the best weavers and best entrepreneurs  out of the 300 women within our cooperative to share thoughts, visions, and ideas on how they lead their respective groups. 

One of our leaders got up and said:

“Women! We must not be harsh with our men now that we are making more money then them, that is not the way to handle things. If we do not give them a small part of our money, they will see no use for us to be in this group, and will not allow us to continue. We must share and not be so proud.”

It was so interesting to see that these women understand the patriarchy in their communities, and come together to discuss ways to move past certain day to day hurdles.

I was loving everything as y’all could guess…

My niece is magic. She was born, and the earth did something radical. When she first made her debut, all she did was stare at me.

I can’t believe shes walking and half talking now. Tear.